SW Takasago Series, Motocross & Enduro Wheelset - Yamaha

SW Takasago Series, Motocross & Enduro Wheelset - Yamaha

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10.990,00 kr
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Excel Takasago rim
Excel Takasago rims designed for racing use are constructed of 7 series aluminum alloy, meeting or exceeding OEM quality. 
- The worlds most used motocross rims

SW Billet Hub
- CNC Machined from billet aluminum.
- Complete with bearings, seals and spacers.

Bulldog Spokes Nipples
- Extra strong, high tensile, polished stainless steel spokes.

- Option between nickel plated steel, or anodized aluminum for the lightest, most colorful combination.

Included in the package:
1x front wheel 21x1,60
1x rear wheel 19x2,15 / 19x1,85 / 18x2,15
2 sets front wheel spacers
2 sets rear wheel spacers
Sprocket and disc bolts

Additional information:
The product may deviate from the image.
Sudmann Wheels are adjusted and spokes are tightened during assembly. However we recommend the customer to double check that the spokes are tight and firm before riding. We also recommend using 5,5 NM when tightening the spokes.
OEM sprocket and brake discs can be mounted.
The wheels are delivered with sprocket bolts and screws for the brake discs.